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Lab Rotators and Rollers

Rotators Rollers

MIDSCI showcases a range of versatile lab rotators and rollers recommended for immunoprecipitations, tissue digestions, hybridizations, and other applications where constant mixing is needed. Rotate sample tubes in different sizes, microplates, erlenmeyer flasks, hybridization bottles and more with our high performance Lab Rotators perfect for sample mixing, cell culture, DNA extraction, gel staining, and other general mixing applications.


Safe for use in temperature controlled environments and featuring variable speed and rotation axis, these compact and easy-to-use laboratory rotators and mixers are suitable for application areas in biochemistry, molecular biology, clinical testing, and histochemistry. Get a wide selection of motions for reliable horizontal and vertical mixing and ensure noiseless operation with MIDSCI's lab rotators. Shop lab rollers manufactured by trusted brands including LabNet's LabRoller™ line guaranteed to meet your laboratory needs.

Advantages of Lab Rotators from MIDSCI:

  • Fixed or adjustable rotation speed
  • Adjustable rotation axis
  • Multiple carousel and rotisserie options
  • Cold room and incubator safe

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