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PCR Workstations and Hood

MIDSCI has a collection of UV PCR Hoods and Cabinets including HEPA/UV PCR Hoods and Cabinets. Maintaining sterility, especially absence of foreign DNA, is of vital importance when performing PCR experiments. PCR Cabinets have a smaller footprint than PCR Hoods. This is ideal for labs with tight space requirements.

All PCR Hoods and PCR Cabinets include the following features:

  • Analog or digital
  • Standard waterbaths
  • Dual water baths
  • Refrigerated waterbaths
  • Shaking baths
  • Circulating waterbaths
  • Dry bath heating blocks

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  • Built-in shortwave (254nm) UV tubes for deactivation of DNA between experiments
  • 30-minute timer sterilizes apparatus and chamber with the shortwave UV between experiments
  • Built-in power outlets for operation of equipment inside the PCR work area
  • Safety shut-off switch automatically turns the ultraviolet light off when the door is opened
  • Two shelves for placement of small equipment