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Nucleic Acid Purification Kits


MIDSCI provides you many choices of extraction kits and reagents for DNA purification and RNA purification from cultured cells, tissue, blood, or plants.

Our nucleic acid purification kits compare favorably in purity and yield to Qiagen kits, including Qiagen DNA and Qiagen RNA kits, and often at a fraction of the cost.

Protocols are very easy to follow and most preps can be processed in an hour or less.

DNA kits:

  • Miniprep, midiprep, and maxiprep plasmid purification
  • Genomic DNA isolation from cultured cells
  • Genomic DNA preparation from tissue,
  • Genomic DNA isolation from plant,
  • DNA gel extraction
  • PCR purification.
  • DNA isolation kits designed specifically for large constructs, BAC DNA, and other low-copy DNA.

RNA isolation kits:

  • Total RNA from cultured cells or blood
  • Total RNA from tissue
  • Total RNA purification from plant
  • Micro RNA

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