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MIDSCI offers several microcentrifuges for centrifugation of microcentrifuges tubes.

  • Ambient temperature microcentrifuge models include the Spectrafuge 16M and Spectrafuge 24D with digital display.
  • Each Spectrafuge microcentrifuge is supplied with a rotor and offers unique features compared to the Eppendorf 5418 and Eppendorf 5424 microfuge models.
  • When a larger capacity rotor and faster centrifugation speed is necessary, the Hermle Z 233 M-2 high-performance ambient microcentrifuge has several interchangeable rotors with higher rcf and rpm ratings.
  • The HermleZ 216-MK is the refrigerated version of the Z 233 M-2
  • The new affordable Prism R Refrigerated Centrifuge has a quick-cool system and user-friendly LCD display.
  • Compare our unique features of our refrigerated microcentrifuges to the Eppendorf 5415R and Eppendorf 5417R, Beckman 22R, and Hettich Mikro 200

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