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Labeling samples is vital to efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your lab. For every sample you lose track of, you lose time and money.

MIDSCI provides researchers with lab labels for all situations and conditions. Manufactured by Diversified Biotech, these lab labels will fill every need you have, for hand writing or laser printing and every size, shape and color imaginable.

Cryo-labels are perfect for labeling samples with autoclaving, boiling, freezing and LN2. Don’t worry about your label falling off, Cryo-labels are made to stick. Tough Tags and Tough Spots are designed to be versatile. Wet, dry, hot or cold from -40C to 121C. Our specialty labels are used for long-term under water use. Colored tape can be used for any reason in the lab. MIDSCI is your last stop for Lab Labels.

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