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Laboratory Shakers

Lab shakers

MIDSCI showcases a variety of laboratory shakers best for Life Science applications including staining, blotting, mixing, and incubating for microbial growth. Ensure uniform blending and mixing of samples inside tubes and flasks with our selection of high quality, economical, general purpose lab shakers that are safe for use even in temperature controlled environments.


Find the perfect benchtop laboratory shakers, incubated shakers, orbital shakers, low-speed shakers, high-capacity shakers, and microplate shakers ideal for your workrooms. Secure excellent shaking performance to keep cells alive and growing and increase reproducible product results. MIDSCI carries an extensive selection of laboratory shakers from popular brands including Labnet, Jeio Tech, Shel Lab, and Reliable Scientific.

Choose from lab shakers offering the following motions:

  • Front to back
  • Left to right
  • Orbital
  • Rocking

Benchtop laboratory shakers are built to conserve valuable lab space without compromising performance. Get compact and lab friendly shaking with MIDSCI's range of benchtop lab shakers.

Incubated laboratory shakers are used for growing bacteria under controlled conditions. MIDSCI provides high performance incubated shakers with a variety of platform options, depending on what size and the number of flasks you need to shake. Available incubated lab shakers guarantee precise temperature control and offers quick sample recovery.

Low-speed laboratory shakers feature a compact design with easy-access control panels and a large orbit ideal for staining and destaining gels, washing blots, and general mixing.

High-capacity laboratory shakers are designed for heavy loads and continuous duty. These shakers offer timed or continuous variable speed operation and leave room for plenty of flasks for any type of incubation you need.

Microplate laboratory shakers give the option to safely and conveniently shake multi-well plates and/or PCR plates in one run. MIDSCI brings in line a collection of microplate lab shakers from LabDoctor and Labnet.

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