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Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis

Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis

MIDSCI has a nice collection of Horizontal gel electrophoresis systems from manufacturers that include

  • IBI Scientific
  • Owl
  • Labnet

IBI Scientifics’ horizontal gel electrophoresis systems are backed by a 4-year warranty. Five sizes featuring:

  • Patented vented lid to prevent condensation build-up allows you to clearly visualize your gel during an electrophoresis run.
  • Cast acrylic construction withstands high voltage and temperatures and will not warp or crack Enduro line from Labnet includes Six sizes for standard horizontal gel electrophoresis
  • Enduro Gel XL Complete, comes with an attached digital power supply

Owl horizontal gel electrophoresis offers many options and sizes. Click on one of the links below to choose the horizontal PCR electrophoresis system that is best for your lab.

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