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High Speed Centrifuges

  • Hermle High Performance Centrifuges with large capacity and high speed rotors.
  • The ambient Z 323 and refrigerated Z 323 K refrigerated centrifuge have multiple rotor sizes, some of which can hold up to 100 mL tubes.
  • The Z 383 and refrigerated Z 383 K centrifuges have more rotor options than the 323 series for greater volume applications, up to 500 mL bottles.
  • The Z 366 and the refrigerated Hermle Z 36 HK can hold up to 250 mL tubes.
  • Compare the unique features of the Hermle High Performance Centrifuges with the Eppendorf 5804 and 5810, and similar centrifuge models from Beckman, Sorvall, and Thermo IEC.

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