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Freezing samples in liquid nitrogen is important to the longevity of your cell culture samples.

MIDSCI offers several brands and styles of cryovials designed to withstand temperatures as low as -190 °C. Whether you want internal or external threads, a silicon washer or lip seal, and self-standing or round-bottom, MIDSCI has what you need.

TPP Polar Tubes are available in 1.2ml and 2.0ml sizes. These tubes:

  • Are self-standing
  • Have a star-shaped bottom which locks into tube racks, to allow for one-handed opening
  • Have color-coded cap inserts as optional accessory, for tube identification

MIDSCI also carries Cryovials (1.2ml to 10ml), with the option of an internal or external thread in both self-standing or round-bottom designs.

All cryotubes are recommended for vapor phase in your LN2 tank, and NOT liquid phase.