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Cryogenic Storage Tanks

MIDSCI brings in line a selection of top quality cryogenic storage vessels from trusted brands including Taylor-Wharton. Our Taylor-Wharton line of cryogenic tanks encompasses benchtop sized liquid nitrogen refrigerators as well as processor controlled cryogenic storage systems. Choose the perfect cryo storage tanks for your liquid and gas applications. Shop our range of Taylor-Wharton CryoLNG, CryoScience, and CryoIndustrial products today!


MIDSCI showcases a variety of cryogenic sample storage options such as vial cane canisters, boxes, and blood bags in a variety of vessels including:

  • Liquid Nitrogen Dewars
  • Cryogenic Shippers
  • High Capacity Refrigerators
  • Extended Time Storage Containers
  • Stand Alone Cryogenic Containers w/ Rack Inventory System
  • Processor Controlled Containers w/ Rack Inventory System

We also offer advanced, processor controlled cryogenic tanks from Taylor-Wharton that come with an Auto Tend Controller or a Kryos Controller for automatic level sensing and filling of liquid nitrogen.

Whether a cell culture lab requiring cell storage in cryogenic tanks or a biobank facility cryogenically storing blood, tissue, and clinical samples, MIDSCI carries the right cryogenic tanks to handle the task. Rely on us to provide only high-efficiency and high-performance cryogenic tanks suitable for Biobanking, Biotechnology, Genetic Therapy, Pharmaceutical, Medical R&D applications and more.

Ensure optimal results in your cryogenic processes with MIDSCI's collection of cryo supplies including cryo vials, cryo microtubes, cryocanes, cryogloves, and cryo aprons.

Buy cryogenic tanks, cryo vials, and cryo accessories now or get a free quotation today!