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Colony Counters

MIDSCI provides researchers with a couple of options for colony counters for bacteria.

The eColony Counter from Heathrow Scientific combines a multifunction electronic counter with a Sharpie® pen for marking petri dishes to prevent missing or double-counting colonies.

  • The light, ergonomic body is balanced for easy manipulation.
  • The eColony Counter has Touch controls for multiple counts, sums, counting up or down
  • The eColony Counter includes a fine-point Sharpie® pen and weighted stand

Also, from Heathrow is the mini light box ideal for increasing viewability of your petri dish while counting bacteria.

The ColonyDoc-It Imaging System from UVP is made with an innovative, compact design enabling researchers to process automated, fast and accurate colony counting. It can be used for

  • Fluids contamination
  • Microbiology studies
  • Antibiotic testing
  • Hygiene studies

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