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TPP Cell and Tissue Culture PlasticWare

TPP Cell Scrapers and Spatula


TPP Cell Scrapers have a pivoting head that enables the blade angle to be changed effortlessly with a slight twist of the fingers while still in contact with the surface being scraped. This allows for easy and thorough cell retrieval from vessels of all shapes and sizes without having to constantly re-position the scraper or culture vessel. The TPP exclusive raised knobs on the handle allow for a slip free and secure grip when wearing gloves.


Key Features

  • Scraper blade
    • pivots for easy maneuvering without constant lifting and re-positioning
  • Made from a specially soft and flexible polyethylene material
    • maintains great contact but won't damage cells
  • Small raised knobs on handle for a secure grip
  • Scraper sizes provide superior access to all edges of culture vessels of all shapes and sizes
    • Allows for 100% cell retrieval
  • Sterile, individually packaged in a paper/plastic peel-off wrapper
    • Packed in stackable and user friendly TPP boxes
  • Lint-free blistering packaging
Order# Description Head Width Quantity

Scraper (24 cm)

1.3 cm



Scraper (30 cm)

2.0 cm



Scraper (38 cm)

2.5 cm



Spatula (20 cm)

1.4 cm



TPP Cultureware from MIDSCI® offers both value and performance.

  • Flatter, more consistent growth surface for a more consistent monolayer
  • Insulated vents ensure even temperature distribution when stacked
  • Ridged gripping surface on dishes and plates facilitate handling High visibility, painted alphanumerics, graduations and writing surfaces
  • 15, 50 and 600 ml Bioreactor Tubes - a simple, disposable format for suspension of cells
  • 150 and 115 cm2 flasks offer re-closable lids
  • T-10 Flasks/Tubes - centrifuge in 50 ml rotor, and view under a microscope