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Pipettor Calibration

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Regular service and calibration every six months guarantees your pipettor is providing accurate, reproducible results every time. Our service keeps your pipettor in good operating condition and helps extend its life-time.

Quality control, preventive maintenance and calibration services are becoming increasingly critical for laboratories all over the world today.

To ensure the continuous accuracy and precision of your pipettors we offer high quality calibration in a controlled environment. Our technicians perform all measurements with ISO 9001 Certified balances unlike having someone stop by the lab and hoping for the best in calibration and reproducibility.

Don't be deceived by other calibration services who offer low prices but charge extra for Seals and 0-Rings.

Our professional pipettor calibration service includes:

  • Replace Teflon Seal
  • Replace O-Ring
  • Recalibrate and Certify Pipettor
  • Clean and Recondition: Piston, Shaft, Spring, and Other Critical Parts
  • Rainin, Gilson, Eppendorf, AlphαPette, Labpette, Discovery, Sealpette, Oxford, Biohit, Denville XL3000, GeneMate,  Lab 3, V3 Pipettors, Finnpipette and many other brands.
  • MOST 8-12 channel Pipettors Call or email for Quote
  • Contact us for quantity discounts

Our trained technicians are dedicated professionals skilled in their work. They strive to return your pipettors within 2 - 5 working days after receipt. They will even give you a call when major parts need to be replaced! No surprises, just quality workmanship on the most important tool in your lab.

When sending your pipettors to us, please include the following information:

  • Shipping Address
  • Billing Address
  • Purchase Order # or Credit Card Number
  • Name
  • Telephone Number
  • Telephone number of end user

See below PDF file to download for worksheet.

Download a Calibration Worksheet To Send In With Your Pipettors

Download a Printable Mailing Label You Can Use To Mail Us Your Pipettors

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Pipette tips from MIDSCI offer maximum sample volume recovery in aspiration and dispension applications. Rely on MIDSCI for quality low-binding and maximum recovery pipette tips from popular brands including AvantGuard.

AvantGuard tips have a:

  • Unique resin infused polypropylene tips for superior low-binding technology
  • Polyethylene barrier for pipettor contamination prevention
  • Extended lengths available
  • Both hinged and lift-off lids available
  • No leaching or sample degradation
  • Safe to use with chloroform, chloroethane, acetone, and other common laboratory solvents

**At this time, we are unable to calibrate electronic pipettors. Thank you for your understanding.