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MIDSCI Blotting Paper

Highly Absorbent for Nucleic Acid and Protein Research.

MIDSCI proudly introduces a range of high quality MW blotting paper for pure, quality, and consistent results in acid and protein research. We offer sterilized MW blotting paper best for Northern, Southern, and Western bloting.

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Transfer Proteins with Confidence

MIDSCI's MW blotting paper allows for efficient of separated DNA, RNA, or proteins onto a membrane. This bloting paper also reinforces detection of targeted molecules with labeled antibodies or labeled nucleic acid probes.

Multipurpose for Endless Applications

Manufactured for various chromatography and blotting techniques, the MW blotting paper can be used for blotting in electrophoresis, wicking, spacing, and gel drying applications, among many others.

Uniform Capillary Action

Choose our MW blotting papers for even wicking and secure reliable lifting of gel transfer from glass supports. Our 0.34mm MW paper is available in most convenient gel and transfer membrane sizes.

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