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Autoradiography Accessories

MIDSCI offers a wide variety of products for your autoradiography applications, including our Autoradiography Film and Autoradiography Accessories.

MIDSCI autoradiography film cassettes are high quality, durable cassettes designed specifically for microbiology.

These cassettes are available in a variety of sizes in two types of construction:

  • Spring-bar stainless steel,
  • Aluminum push button.

MIDSCI intensifying screens provide optimum balance of speed and resolution. The high absorption rate and low background noise produce a sharp image with defined contrast which improves detection of beta- and gamma ray emitters. These intensifying screens are available in

  • Regular calcium tungstate
  • Enhanced calcium tungstate

The Glow Writer pen is a fine point phosphorescent ink marking pen for marking materials (transfer membranes, dried gels, etc.).

Radtape from MIDSCI is an adhesive label that can be attached to membranes or gels. Both products will produce a negative image on autoradiography film that will show up once developed.

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