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Aurelia Nitrile and Latex Gloves

MIDSCI brings in line a variety of Aurelia® nitrile and latex examination gloves guaranteed to offer clean and superior hand protection. Enjoy comfort and quality with these laboratory gloves featuring excellent elasticity, tensile strength, and performance durability. Trust Aurelia® gloves to be one of the preferred glove brands of Dental, Medical, Laboratory, and Life Science industries today.

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Aurelia® Luminance™ Fully Textured Powder-Free Latex Exam Gloves

Aurelia® Luminance™ Examination Gloves are fully textured, offering a maximum grip. Also equipped with an enhanced polymer coating, the gloves provide optimum tactile sensitivity, comfort, and increased gripping action. Each batch of Aurelia® Luminance™ gloves is air-tested to detect pinholes.



Aurelia® Velocity™ Powder-Free Latex Gloves

Aurelia® Velocity™ Examination Gloves are triple-cleansed for optimum purity, super low protein content, and reduced risk of latex allergy. Made of 100% natural rubber, ambidextrous, and are creamy white in color, these gloves offer maximum quality, superior grip, and enhanced donning. Each batch of Aurelia® Velocity™ gloves is air-tested to detect pinholes.


Distinct Honey-Comb

Aurelia® Distinct™ Honey-Comb Textured Powder-Free Latex Gloves

The patented Honeycomb texture on the Distinct gloves is an Aurelia® exclusive, offering excellent grip and greater tactile sensitivity. Built with enhanced polymer coating, these Aurelia® Distrinct™ Honey-Comb gloves enhance donning, reduce latex reactions, and ensure optimum comfort. Liquid entry is minimized and roll-ups are eliminated because of the gloves' beaded cuffs.


Vibrant Micro-Textured

Aurelia® Vibrant™ Micro-Textured Powder-Free Latex Gloves

Aurelia® Vibrant examination gloves offer a micro-texture finish for enhanced gripping. Through an advanced on-line chlorination process, these Aurelia® Vibrant™ Micro-Textured Gloves secure improved donning, quality, and purity. Made from 100% natural rubber, ambidextrous, creamy beige in color and non-sterile, the Aurelia® Vibrant™ Gloves conform to the highest quality standards and provide the best value when it comes to latex powder free gloves.



Aurelia® Amazing™ Blue Nitrile Gloves

Thinner, lighter, and more flexible than standard nitrile, the new Aurelia® Amazing™ Blue Nitrile examination gloves are so comfortable that you'll feel the day just fly by. Made from a unique nitrile formulation, these gloves are flexible, strong, and safe enough to perform well under pressure. Feel "glove-less" with the Aurelia® Amazing™ Blue Nitrile Gloves that are only 2.0 mils thin, making these the thinnest Nitrile from Aurelia® Gloves guaranteed to offer highest tactile sensitivity. Finger-textured, these Amazing gloves also offer precise and greater gripping capability.


Vibrant Micro-Textured

Aurelia® Perform Teal Nitrile Gloves

Designed for superior performance and comfort, Aurelia® Perform Teal Nitrile gloves are the thinnest nitrile gloves offered by Aurelia®. Get thick benefits, your required strength and tactile sensitivity with these finger-textured, ambidextrous, and powder-free Perform examination gloves.


Protege Blue Gloves

Aurelia® Protégé™ Blue Stretch Nitrile Gloves

The durable and lightweight Aurelia® Protégé™ Nitrile Examination Gloves feature an enhanced formulation, offering the comfort and fit of latex without its possible allergic reactions. With greater resistance compared to other materials, 100% latex free, ambidextrous, and sterile, the Aurelia® Protégé™ is one of the best value nitrile gloves in the market. Its finger-textured finish allows for gripping of extra-thin objects.


Quest White Nitrile

Aurelia® Quest™ White Nitrile Gloves

The finest and most comfortable nitrile gloves ever made, the ultra-sheer Aurelia® Quest™ White Nitrile Examination gloves brings in superior durability, tactile sensitivity, and fit of a latex. Offering greater chemical resistance to other materials, finger textured, and tested to the highest international standards, these new generation nitrile gloves provide outstanding comfort and precise gripping. These Aurelia® Quest™ gloves are 100% latex-free, ambidextrous, and non-sterile.


Robust Soft Nitrile

Aurelia® Robust™ Blue Soft Nitrile Gloves

The Aurelia® Robust™ Blue Nitrile Powder Free Examination Gloves are made from Aurelia®'s special nitrile (NBR) compound, protein free (non-latex), ambidextrous and non-sterile. With its 5 mil thickness, improved puncture resistance is guaranteed. Air-tested to detect pinholes and conforming to the highest international standards, these Aurelia® Robust™ Gloves offer maximum protection and a microtextured finish for excellent gripping action.