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LN2 Cryogenic Storage

MIDSCI brings you the series of Worthington cryogenic refrigerators and dewars to meet your cryo-storage and transportation requirements, while being affordable as well as reliable.
The high-performance refrigerators incorporates durable, lightweight construction, maximum holding times for optimum capacities, while the dewars are designed for storing and dispensing small amounts of liquid nitrogen.

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Cryo-Storage Application Capacity
Worthington K Series Cryogenic Storage Systems

Liquid nitrogen storage w/controllable temperatures
(-100°C to -196°C)

3024-38350 1.2/2.0 ml vials

Worthington LS Series Cryogenic Refrigerators

Aluminum Refrigerator: for large vial capacities up to 6000 vials in box type racks

750-6000 1.2/2.0 ml vials

Worthington HC Series Cryogenic Refrigerators

Refrigerators: for large quantities of materials at cryogenic materials

570-1260 1.2/2.0 ml vials, or 2940-9900 1/2 cc.

Worthington XT Series Cryogenic Refrigerators

Refrigerators: for long-term storage of materials at cryogenic temperatures

150-180 1.2/2.0 ml vials, or 750-1500 1/2 cc.

Worthington LD Series Dewars

Dewars: for storing and dispensing small amounts of LN2

Storage capacity of 4-50L of LN2

Worthington CX & CXR Series Dry Shippers

Environmental and Biological Shippers

185-500 1.2/2.0 ml vials, or 280-490 1/2 cc. straws


Here are some of the key features:

  • Application & Capacity specifics
    • Dewars
    • Cryogenic Refrigerators
    • Shippers
  • Reliable & Secure storage options
  • High performance & Rugged construction
  • Easy operation