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50x Isohelix Dri-capsules

for long term DNA stability on
Item #: SGC-50 
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sohelix Dri-Capsules
Designed for use with Isohelix SK-1 swabs, these silica gel capsules offer an easy to use alternative to chemical stabilisation for long term stability of the buccal DNA on the swab head prior to isolation.


  • Long term stability at room temperature
  • Liquid free alternative to DSK Kit
  • Easy to handle by patients and professionals
  • Designed for use with SK-1 swab packs
  • Ideal for remote sample collection

Long term stability studies show that the stability of DNA samples on SK1 swabs stored with Isohelix Dri-Capsules is maintained over a period of at least 3 years. The ongoing study is expected to confirm an increased period of stabilization well in excess of the 3 years tested so far.

SGC-50 contains 50 Isohelix dri-capsules individually foil wrapped.
SGC-50-SK1 contains 50 Isohelix dri-capsules plus 50 sk1 swabs, all individually foil wrapped.
SGC-3-SK1 contains 3 Isohelix dri-capsules plus 3 sk1 swabs, all individually foil wrapped.


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GSC-50 Graph
50x Isohelix Dri-capsules