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Stat Fax 3300 Chemistry

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  1. Background

In an effort to control instrument prices, Awareness Technology, Inc. does not provide end-user warranties for its distributors to transfer to their clients; nor does it build extended warranty policies into its unit prices.  Most distributors prefer to develop their own plans to meet the diverse needs of their customers. If your company would like to negotiate additional guarantees or service contracts, please contact your Awareness Technology sales person.

Each Awareness Technology instrument ships with a standard factory warranty. The factory warranty is limited to terms that assure that each distributor receives the quality product he expected when making the purchase.  Awareness Technology warrants that its products are designed and manufactured to perform as specified.  If Awareness Technology delivers a product that fails due to a defect in a non-consumable component or in workmanship within the warranty period, the company shall compensate the distributor for the failed product by repairing or replacing the defective item according to this factory warranty policy.

  1. Discovery Period

Although Awareness Technology works diligently to validate designs, select top suppliers of raw materials, test components, subassemblies and finished goods in order to prevent errors during manufacturing, occasionally a manufacturing defect may go unnoticed and will appear after some use.  Therefore, it may be necessary for the distributor to deliver the instrument to its final destination and for the user to operate it for a few days to assure it is free of manufacturing defects.  Although end users may discover a defect after only a few days of use and discover that they may have a warranty claim, it may happen that several months pass between the date a product leaves the factory and the time it is placed into use.  For that reason, Awareness Technology extends its factory warranty for a period of one-year from date of invoice. 

Awareness Technology’s customer has a period of one-year from the date of invoice to discover any product defect in workmanship and/or materials in order to make a warranty claim. 

The lengthy discovery period should not be misconstrued as an extended warranty to guarantee an instrument will function without service requirements for a period of one year.

  1. Terms and Claims

Awareness Technology, Inc. warrants that it will deliver a product that meets the description and performance claims specified and that the product is therefore deemed to be free of defects in workmanship and/or materials. Claims against this warranty may be made by the purchaser within one year from date of invoice (which is typically also the date on which the goods are shipped from the factory).  This warranty excludes consumable supplies and is offered to the original purchaser and is not extended to any other party. Awareness Technology’s Quality Assurance System subjects each product to rigorous and extensive testing to assure that only high quality instruments are released for shipment.  In the rare instance that a component fails prematurely due to a defect or an instrument does not function properly due to an oversight or error by Awareness Technology, the company will act to resolve the situation as follows:

    • Within the one-year period, the purchaser must make a warranty claim by notifying Awareness Technology’s customer support team, specify the serial number, and describe the failure. 


    • Whenever possible, the factory technician will assist the customer’s service technician in making rapid repairs of the unit in the field.  If Awareness Technology’s support team decides that a component or system requires replacement, a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number will be provided along with instructions for returning the defective equipment.
    • For technical support, consumables, check sets and warranty claims, please contact your Awareness Technology, Inc. Technical Support Team Specialist.  They may be reached through our online ticketing system located on the support page of our website: http://www.awaretech.com/techsupport


Technical support is also available via email:
For assistance with Stat Fax - support@awaretech.com
For assistance with ChemWell - cw-support@awaretech.com
For assistance with SelectaLyte - isesupport@awaretech.com


    • Upon receipt of the defective component, Awareness Technology’s engineers will determine the most likely cause of the failure.  If the part or system contains a factory defect, it will be repaired or replaced without charge and returned to the customer.   If the component does not contain a factory defect, Awareness Technology’s service department will advise the customer of the findings and the customer may indicate whether or not he wishes Awareness Technology to repair, return, or dispose of the component or system.
    • To expedite a repair, a distributor may choose to purchase a replacement part to return an instrument to working condition. In such a case the no-cost  replacement or repaired part will be shipped for the distributor’s parts inventory. Distributors may choose to delay the return to group it with the   next order to reduce freight costs.


    • Awareness Technology will conduct all business related to this warranty directly with its buyer (the Distributor) and not with the Distributor’s clients.

This warranty does not cover the following:

      • Freight costs
      • Insurance or other third party charges,
      • Damage resulting from improper handling during shipping.
      • Damage incurred during carelessness or acts of nature.
      • Damage from unauthorized repairs or attempts to repair.

All liabilities for any incidental or consequential damages for breach of any expressed or implied warranties is disclaimed and excluded here from.

The warranty is Void in the event that any component has been modified or substituted with one that is not supplied by Awareness Technology.  Use of printer paper not provided by Awareness Technology voids the printer warranty.


    1. For Technical support is also available via email:

For assistance with Stat Fax - support@awaretech.com
For assistance with ChemWell - cw-support@awaretech.com
For assistance with SelectaLyte - isesupport@awaretech.com

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STAT FAX 3300 Biochemistr

STAT FAX 3300 Biochemistry Analyzer

Stat Fax® 3300 is designed for the processing of biochemistries, tube method immune assays, and drug assays from human serum, plasma, or urine. A removable flowcell installs in the read well to provide extremely rapid fluid sampling with low carryover. A builtin vacuum pump and an external waste bottle with level sensing are supplied standard. When the Flowcell is removed, the instrument accepts standard 12 mm round tubes as well as 1 cm square cuvettes. The design of the instrument includes many features to minimize operator error, such as stable factory calibration, automatic zeroing, complete operator prompting, detailed labeling, pre-programmed calculations, visual and audible
feedback, flags and error messages, minimal maintenance requirements. Test parameters, and standard curves are stored in memory for later recall. The Stat Fax® 3300 will store up to 120 tests in memory to be recalled for later use and allows for creation of Levey-Jennings plots for QC. In addition, it will store 512 Patient Results, 512 Control Results, 20 Patients on Worklist, and 15 tests per patient.




Linear Measurement Range:

0.0 to 3.5 (flow-cell mode)

  1. to 2.5 (tube or 1 cm cuvette)


Photometric Accuracy:

+/- (1% +/- 0.010) 0.0 through 1.5 ABS

+/- (2% +/- 0.010) 1.5 through 3.0 ABS




Drift of no more than 0.005A in 8




Light Source:

Tungsten Halogen, 10 Watt, with

automatic lamp saver



Standard Wavelengths:

340, 405, 505, 545, 580, and 630nm

alternate filters available from 330 to

750nm; an eight position filter wheel is optional



Filter Type:

IAD hardcoat interference, 10nm half




Tube Size:

12mm round is standard



Minimum Sample Volume:

1mL for 12mm round tube

250uL for flowcell




240x128 Graphic LCD w/ Backlight




Thermal dot matrix with graphic capability

Power Requirements:

Auto-Switching Power Supply



Voltage source:

90 – 264 VAC








Reads, calculates and prints results, 3

seconds per tube



Calculation Modes:

Factor, Single Standard, Point-to-Point,

Regression, Index Mode



Test Storage:

Stores 120 tests. Stores all parameters

including wavelengths, calculations, unit

codes, linear and normal ranges rate

timing, standard values, test names, and

previous standard curve.




40cm (L) x 37 cm (W) x 14 cm (H) lid

closed (30 cm lid opened), 14 lbs (6.4 kg)


# of filters
tube, cuvette, flow cell
STAT FAX 3300 Biochemistr
Stat Fax 3300 Chemistry
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