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Stainless Steel CO2 incubator

170L, IR Sensor, Control, ULPA
Item #:CCL-170B-9 

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CO2 Incubator

CelCulture® CO Incubators

The CelCulture® CO Incubator is designed and manufactured using the accumulated expertise and knowledge that Esco has developed with over 35 years of world class equipment for laboratory usage. Designed with sample safety, energy efficiency and user-friendliness in mind, the system achieves precise parameter controls, highly effective contamination control and intuitive user interfaces all--supported by Esco's solution-based sales and service representatives worldwide.

  • Contamination control with long life ULPA filters and 90°C moist heat decontamination cycle.
  • Direct heat & air jacket design with gentle yet effective forced convection.
  • Intuitive interfaces and intelligent data and event logger.


  • CelSafe Contamination Control System provides unparalleled protection to your precious samples
    • SteriSafe ULPA filtration enables the chamber air to be maintained at ISO class 5 conditions.
    • All input gases are filtered by in-line filters before they enter the chamber to remove impurities and contaminants.
    • The incubatorâs main body is made from electro-galvanized steel with Escoâs unique ISOCIDE antimicrobial coating.
    • SwiftCon moist heat 90⁰C decontamination cycle operates overnight to eradicate contamination in the unlikely event it occurs. At the end of the cycle, the chamber is dry and ready to use.
  • CelAlert Alarm System reminds users of important tasks needed to protect their cultures
    • CO tank depletion reminder in addition to CO tank-low alarm.
    • ULPA-reminder will alert user to replace ULPA filter

VivoCell Precise Temperature, CO Control and High Humidity

  • Best uniformity and control among available CO Incubators
    • Fast CO, temperature and humidity recovery without overshoot.
    • Direct heat design for rapid recovery, with 8 heater grouped into 3 zones.
    • Air jacket provides isolation against ambient temperature fluctuations.
  • Filtered air circulates across water pan accelerating humidifying process and flows gently around culture plates, causing no disturbance to cell culture.
  • Blower automatically stops when door is opened, to minimize mixing of chamber and room air. VentiFlow forced convection. accelerates recovery of chamber air to ISO Class 5 Cleanliness after door closing to prevent contamination.


  • Chamber is made of stainless steel chamber with rounded corners enabling efficient and rapid cleaning.
  • Ductwork, plenums and shelves are removable without tools for faster and easier operator maintenance.
  • Glass door and inner gasket are removable without tools


Jacket (water or air)
Heat decontamination
CO2 Incubator
Stainless Steel CO2 incubator
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