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Clipmax Chamber Slide System 10cm2


Clipmax Chamber Slide System 10cm2

Grow cells in Clipmax, a combination of a tissue culture flask 10 cm2 with the removable microscope slide (25 x 75mm).

Remove the chamber, fix and stain the cells directly on the microscope slide.  Clipmax is especially designed for cell culture as the slide can be used directly for immunocytochemistry and various cell analyses.

Features of Clipmax:


  • Crystal clear plastic microscope slide
    • Suitable for stainings and especially for immunofluorescence measurements
    • Resistant to solvents (eg acetone, ethanol, xylene)

Great for many CELL types

  • Activated growth surface for delicate cells
  • Removable medium chamber with a âclick❠without the need of a special removeable tool

EASY to remove

  • Removable medium chamber with a âclick❠and without the need of a removing tool


Flask for reduced contamination threats

  • Filter screw cap for optimal gas exchange with minimal evaporation
  • Stackable

Uses only 3.5 ml of media for a media saving, easy to use solution to treating and viewing your cells!

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Clipmax Slide System
Clipmax Chamber Slide System 10cm2
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