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Swab Optimised DNA Isolation Kit

DNA vs Human Standards gr

The Isohelix DDK DNA Isolation Kit has been specifically formulated to produce high DNA yield from buccal swabs. The DDK-50 kits are fully optimised for use on buccal samples and offer reduced handling times and increased DNA yields together with many other important technical and practical benefits.


  • Includes Stabilisation & Lysis steps
  • High yields from buccal swabs
  • Optimised to Buccal Cell Swabs
  • Fast handling times
  • Manual or High Throughput formats
  • Considerable test data available
  • No solvents, columns or filtration

This is a multiplex PCR kit designed to show the presence and quality of human genomic DNA. The expected results from intact human genomic DNA are bands of 100bp, 200bp, 300bp, 400bp and 600bp together with an internal control band of 500bp derived from Lambda DNA. The presence of the 500bp band in the negative control demonstrates a successful amplification reaction has occurred.

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DNA vs Human Standards gr
Swab Optimised DNA Isolation Kit
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