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Uvitec Alliance Q9 Advanced Auto


3 year warranty from the purchase date

Alliance Q9

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Uvitec Alliance Q9 Advanced Auto

  • Top end gel documentation System with 9.3 mp camera cooled to -60C with f/0.80 low aperture camera for maximum sensitivity.  Please compare these specs to any system.
  • Upgradeability now and later to almost any sample including ECL westerns, fluorescent westerns, InVivo Imaging, DNA Gels and more.  Excellent performance with IR and near IR fluorescent Westerns!
  • 3-year warranty, 9-year parts support, unlimited license software for years of service.


  • 1-click to image > effortless acquisition, in no time
  • No manual control > hands-off, automated routines
  • Fully slide-out tray > hassle-free sample positioning
  • Mobile sample tray > painless westerns imaging
  • All-in-one > acquisition > editing > analysis, straight away


  • Femtogram-level > stunning detection of faintest signals
  • Uvipure© technology > enhanced UV for EtBr and all safe stains
  • Chromapure© modules > take multiplexing to the next level
  • Confocal discs > boosted fluorescence signals capture
  • Filters > up to 18 filters to choose from
  • Up to 13 illumination sources.  312 to 780nm.


  • 9.2 megapixels > massive resolution, HD pictures
  • f/0.80 custom lens > unrivaled camera sensitivity
  • -60°C camera cooling > radical background suppression
  • OD 4.8 dynamic range > outstanding weak/strong detection ratio
  • 65,535 gray levels > research-level protein quantification


  • Stainless steel > long-lasting, robust instrument
  • Box© concept > interchangeable transilluminators
  • Plug-n-play > upgrade any module, at any time
  • 7-position wheel > and up to 18 filters to choose from
  • Q-smart darkroom > splendid Alliance-line darkroom


# of filters
Advanced Imaging System
MP of Camera
9.3 mp
Auto Focus
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154112001 Advanced Imaging System Various 9.3 mp Auto Focus 7
Alliance Q9
Uvitec Alliance Q9 Advanced Auto
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