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Labcon ProtectR Dry Ice Storage Tubes


ProtectR™ Dry Ice Storage Tubes

Key Features

  • Tested and certified to the IATA 95kPa standard
  • Patented writing surface prevents smeared ink and protects your notes
  • Flat caps with integral molding in two material seal are virtually leak proof
  • Tube are printed with three colors that highlight important features of the tubes.
  • USP Class medical grade resins and packaging. ProtectR tubes are for all lab uses.

 Full Protection of Your Samples
Samples of proteins, other biological molecules, and cell cultures are commonly shipped and stored on dry ice, putting them at risk of acidification by up to 2.5 pH units. In standard centrifuge tubes, CO2 vapor from dry ice enters the tube headspace and causes a significant drop in the pH of the sample.

Even in short term storage conditions, samples may become acidified. This acidification can affect the integrity and reproducibility of samples, and may result in a loss of protein activity.

ProtectR™ tubes are the ideal vessel for primary and secondary sample containment. Samples are shipped on dry ice in a variety of volumes. When shipped in standard, small volume tubes, samples are at risk of acidifcation. ProtectR tubes can be used as a secondary shipping tube for multiple small volume tubes. With their airtight, leak-resistant secure seal, ProtectR tubes provide a protective barrier against CO2 exposure, safeguarding the sample(s) inside from costly damage. Only ProtectR tubes ensure consistent sample integrity and protein activity across experiments. Even if samples are delayed during shipping, they will not become compromised, saving time and money.

Most international and domestic carriers now require adherence to the IATA standards for all biological substance shipments. IATA 95 kPa certification ensures containers are leak-resistant under differential pressure conditions such as in air transport. This certification requires containers to prove capable of withstanding, without leakage, an internal pressure producing a pressure differential of not less than 95 kPa (0.95 bar, 13.8 psi).

ProtectR tubes feature our Patented ViewPoint labeling spot that helps to reduce smearing of lab markers at the same time it protects sample labeling from damage during storage or procedures. ProtectR tubes are available in our exclusive 10 tube IntegraPack® packaging. And like all our sterile products we only use medical grade packaging and sterilize following a validated ISO 11137 method.












15 mL
Temp Range
-80°C to 122°C
Cap Style
Flat Screw Cap
SKU Number Vol Cap Style Temp Range Pkg Color Qty Web Price Quantity Add to Cart
3830-320-000-9 15 mL Flat Screw Cap -80°C to 122°C Pack Clear 2 packs of 50 tubes
3830-325-000-9 15 mL Flat Screw Cap -80°C to 122°C Racked - Sterile Clear 20 racks of 25 tubes
3880-320-000-9 50 mL Flat Screw Cap -80°C to 122°C Pack Clear 2 packs of 50 tubes
3880-325-000-9 50 mL Flat Screw Cap -80°C to 122°C Racked - Sterile Clear 20 racks of 25 tubes
15 mL ProtectR Tube
Labcon ProtectR Dry Ice Storage Tubes
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