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Pre-Cast Gels for Life Tech Units

RunBlue SDS Gel 10%

RunBlue gels are more rigid and up to 10 times stronger than conventional precast gels resulting in more robust gels that can be handled with confidence. No tearing - an 8% gel can be thrown into the air and caught without breaking!

  • RunBlue gels are manufactured using a unique method of polymerisation that results in more uniform and more complete polymerisation of the Acrylamide when compared to conventional, chemical based methods. This results in gels that have superior batch to batch reproducibility and practically eliminates exposure to un-polymerised Acrylamide.
  • There is no comb to remove as the top of the teeth are fixed in place. This not only prevents the teeth from being accidentally torn off during comb removal but that all of the wells are uniform, with the teeth remaining vertical. This prevents sample cross contamination / inability to load desired Vol. The teeth also protrude above the lower front plate of the gel cassette preventing sample flow over into adjacent wells.
  • Runblue gels are available in two different cassette sizes providing compatibility with the most common gel tanks and apparatus. Â 10x10 cm cassettes are compatible with Invitrogen/Life Technologies equipment and any other equipment designed for this format, such as the Hoeffer and Owl tanks. Our 8x10 cm cassette is designed to fit the Biorad equipment (Mini Protean I, II and II, Tetra etc).
  • The resolving gel on RunBlue gels extends to the very bottom of the cassette which not only provides improved resolution but also there is no protruding gel that requires trimming prior to blotting. There is also no additional tape / covers to remove - simply take the gel from the pack and use.
  • RunBlue gels are supplied in boxes of 10 gels. They are available in a 12 well format, covering a range of concentrations and gradients.


Benefits of RunBlue Precast Gels

  • 2 year shelf life - never throw away another gel
  • Up to 10x stronger - no more torn, ruined gels
  • Load up to 20µl - see everything in your sample
  • No comb to remove - no more broken or bent teeth
  • Full length resolving gel - improved resolution and better blotting
  • 10x10 cm and 8x10 cm cassette - total compatibility with most popular tanks including Invitrogen and Biorad equipment
  • Fast delivery with immediate and expert technical support for total peace of mind
Best value gels available - save money!
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NXG42012 4 - 20% 10 x 10 Life Tech 10
RunBlue SDS Gel 10%
Pre-Cast Gels for Life Tech Units
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