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PR1MA™ Starter Kit


PR1MA™ Starter Kit


The PR1MA™ Starter Kit is a comprehensive package that includes everything required to get started with accurate and reproducible pipetting. With this kit, you can ensure that your liquid handling tasks are consistent and precise. The PR1MA Starter Kit is perfect for new labs and customers who want to upgrade their existing pipetting equipment.


The PR1MA Starter Kit is different from other liquid handling starter kits because it contains four pipettes that cover a wide volume range of 0.5 µl to 1,000 µl. These pipettors are designed to provide accurate and reproducible results, and they are perfect for a wide range of applications. The pipettor volumes include 0.5 to 10 µl, 2.0 to 20 µl, 20 to 200 µl, and 100 to 1,000 µl.


In addition to the pipettes, the PR1MA Starter Kit includes three racks of PR1MA Low-Retention Pipette Tips. These tips are specially designed to reduce sample retention and ensure accurate and precise pipetting. The kit also includes a six-position carousel stand that can hold all four pipettes and a PR1MA Backpack for easy transport.


This kit offers over $250.00 in savings compared to purchasing the kit components separately!


Kit Includes:

  • 4 – Alphapette™ by PR1MA Pipettors (10 μL, 20 μL, 200 μL, 1,000 μL)*
  • 3 – Racks of PR1MA Low-Binding Pipette Tips (1 each: 10 μL, 200 μL, 1,250 μL tips)*
  • 1 – Laptop-Compatible Backpack
  • 1 – Six-Place Universal Carousel Pipette Stand


*No mix and match or switching pipettor or tip sizes. PR1MA™ Low Retention Graduated Pipette Tips are certified free of detectable RNase, DNase, DNA, PCR inhibitors, and tested pyrogen-free.




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PR1MA Starter Kit
PR1MA™ Starter Kit
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