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TC9639 Thermal Cycler

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2 year warranty

TC9639 Thermal Cycler

TC9639 Gradient Thermal Cycler

Designed for laboratories with medium to high throughput needs, the TC9639 Thermal Cycler provides fast, reliable results. Featuring a large, touch screen interface, a next-generation program wizard and a unique multi-format block, this unit makes it easier than ever to get up and running.

A large, full color touch screen serves as the operations center where all functions are accessed. Starting at the âHome❠screen, simply touch an icon to view the last run, enter the program library or use the program wizard to quickly enter a new protocol.

Designed with extensive user feedback, the program wizard quickly and easily guides users through protocol set-up, all in a single screen. Time and temperature increments can be built into programs as well as slower ramp rates. Storage capabilities are unlimited; programs can be stored in public folders, password protected folders or on a flash drive.

The fully adjustable heated lid prevents condensation and evaporation of samples. Lid temperature can be programmed, and when the block temperature is below 35°C, the lid automatically shuts off. Heating and cooling of the block are precisely and accurately controlled within exceptionally tight tolerances by a proprietary algorithm that simulates sample temperature.

With the multi-format block, there is no need for the expense of multiple interchangeable blocks. The TC 9639 has the flexibility to accept 96 x 0.2ml tubes, a 96 well plate or 39 x 0.5ml tubes, all in the same sample block. An in-situ adapter is available for use with slides. A 384 well version is available.

  • Gradient capabilities- ideal for protocol optimization
  • Intuitive touch screen control- Works even when wearing gloves!
  • Upgraded software- Even easier to use than before!
  • No need for interchangeable blocks- multi-format accepts:
    • 0.2ml tubes or strips (96)
    • 0.5ml tubes (39)
    • 96 well PCR plate


Order Number



TC9639 with combination block


TC9639 with 384 well block


In situ adapter for use with combination block


Capacity for 9639 block:

96x0.2 ml tubes/strip tubes or 39x0.5ml tubes or 1 Non-Skirt 96 well plate

Capacity for 384 well block:

1x384 well plate

Capacity for In-situ adapter:

4 slides (fits 9639 block)

Temp. control range:


Temp. control:

Simulated sample or block



Ramp rate:

4°C/second (maximum)

Gradient range/differential

30°-115°C, 1°-30°C


Yes, time and temperature

Lid temp.:

30°-112°C, user adjustable

Program memory:

Unlimited with flash drive

Power failure restart:


Power supply:

Universal, 75-275V, 50-60Hz

Dimensions (W x D x H):

10.2 x 14.2 x 9.9 in. 26 x 36 x 25 cm


16 lbs / 7.3 kg

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BSTC-384 TC9639 with 384-well Block 384 well plate
BSTC-96 TC9639 with combination Block 96 x 0.2mL
BSTC-AIS Combo Adapter 4 Slides
TC9639 Thermal Cycler
TC9639 Thermal Cycler
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