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MIDSCI Pipette Controller

Item #:ASMPIP1 

2 year warranty

MIDSCI Pipette Controller

  • With QuickStand™ Retractable Stand
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • 8 hours of continuous operation
  • For pipettes from 1 mL to 100 mL

MIDSCI Pipette Controllers are lightweight (only 6.3 oz/170 g) and designed to fit comfortably in either the right or the left hand. The natural feel of the ergonomic body design, the computer balanced weight distribution and the low-pressure fingertip control buttons...all combine to provide a more comfortable pipetting experience.

The attached Quickstand™, retractable kickstand, allows the controller to stand on the bench without removing or emptying the serological pipet. The stand also holds the pipet at an angle which prevents the flowing of liquid to the filter and nosepiece. When it's not being used, the Quickstand™ flips back into neutral position where it doesn't interfere with normal operation.

A long-life rechargeable lithium (environmentally friendly) battery keeps the controller running for up to 8 hours or 2,500 pipettings on a single two-hour charge. MIDSCI Pipette Controller's easy-fit silicone nosepiece accepts pipette sizes from 1ml to 100ml. With its lightweight advanced ergonomics, continuously variable electronic speed adjustment and extended lithium battery life, the MIDSCI Pipette Controller is the logical choice for comfort, convenience, and value

LiquiLOCK™ Premium Safety Filter for Pipette Controllers/Aids

  • Self sealing technology
  • Extends Pipette Controller Life
  • Compatible with most major brands

LiquiLOCK™ is a premium disposable filter unit that prevents liquid from entering the internal mechanism of pipette controllers.  Install it in place of the standard filter and your unit is ultra-protected from clogs, contamination, and overfill. When the filter comes in contact with liquid, it self-seals, halts pipetting, and completely blocks liquid from passing through the barrier. No further aspiration can be achieved until the LiquiLOCK™ filter is replaced.
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MIDSCI Pipette Controller
MIDSCI Pipette Controller
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