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Aurelia Ignite Nitrile Gloves

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Bold Gloves:

Differences: 2.0 mil thinner and Color is different too (Black, not orange)

Heavy Duty Nitrile Gloves

  • Material: Nitrile (100% Latex-Free)
  • Type: Non Sterile
  • Glove Design & Feature: Ambidextrous and Max Grip Textured
  • Cuff: Beaded
  • Usage: For Single Use Only
  • Color: Orange
  • Thickness: 7.0 mil
  • Packaging: 100 pieces per box*
  • Great for EMT, Industrial and Automotive Applications

Product Description

Ignite heavy-duty orange nitrile gloves are perfect for automotive, emergency medical, and manufacturing applications. Ignite gloves are extra thick at 7mil to withstand the toughest challenges of your workday. Featuring enhanced tactile sensitivity and proprietary Max-Grip texture technology allows you to maintain maximum finger dexterity without sacrificing protection.


7 mil
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97880 7 mil XXL
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97887 7 mil M
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97888 7 mil L
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97889 7 mil XL
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Ignite Gloves
Aurelia Ignite Nitrile Gloves
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