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SmartDoc Imaging System


2 year warranty

  • maging enclsure works with all common smart phones
  • 19 x 19cm base fits on most existing UV or blue transilluminators
  • Includes orange photo filter for use with blue light
  • Optional 535nm and 590nm photo filters for us with UV transilluminators

The basic SmartDoc unit is for labs that want to use their existing UV or Blue light transilluminator. The SmartDoc Blue Light has a built in array of blue LEDs in the enclosure. These LEDs emit a wavelength for excitation of SYBR green and other safe green type stains. The SmartDoc will fit onto any flat top transilluminator surface with dimensions of at least 20 x 20cm and with a safety lid that can be opened completely (out of the way) or removed. The camera platform can be adjusted up and down to optimize the image size and focus for different types of phone cameras. We found that different iPhones and Droid phones have cameras with different viewing angle lenses.


An orange photo filter is included for photography of the gels when using a visible blue light transilluminator for stain excitation.  For imaging gels on a UV transilluminator, one of the available filters should also be purchased with the SmartDoc. These optical, narrow band filters are needed whether using UV/Blue light transilluminators or the built-in blue LED illumination. These filters block wavelengths above and below the wavelength of the fluorescing gel stain and allow capturing a quality image off the bands in the gel. The filters also provide safety to the user, as they block dangerous UV wavelengths from coming through the lens hole and will protect users' eyes. There are 2 optional photo filters available: 535nm filter for imaging green stains on UV light , or 590nm filter for imaging EtBr on UV light.

The UV blocking mat should be purchased if the SmartDoc is to be used on a transilluminator with a viewing surface larger than 20x20cm. This mat will block harmful UV rays from coming up around the SmartDoc.

Images taken (with customer's phone) can be previewed on the device display before capturing. Images are then easily shared or printed via text message, email or cloud sharking apps. Gel analysis software, such as freeware found at www.gelanalyzer.com, can be used to analyze the image.

SKU Number Type Wavelength MP of Camera Grayscale Trans Size Web Price Quantity Add to Cart
E5000-535 Narrow Band Pass Filter 535nm for Green stains N/A N/A N/A
E5000-590 Narrow Band Pass Filter 590nm for EtBr N/A N/A N/A
E5000-MAT UV Blocking Mat N/A N/A N/A N/A
E5000-SDB Bluelight N/A N/A N/A 20 x 20cm
E5001 Standard N/A N/A N/A 20 x 20cm
SmartDoc 2.0
SmartDoc Imaging System
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