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Hard-to-Find Products

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Hard-to-Find Products

Hard to Find Products

The following are in stock as of 8am on 03/20/23, Updated Each Monday

Filter Tips

10 uL  Filter Tips (PR-10BK) 131 cases in stock - Shop Now!

10 uL  Filter Tips (PR-10XLRK-FL) 187 cases in stock - Shop Now!

20 uL Filter Tips (229017) 6 cases in stock - Shop Now!

200 uL XL Filter Tips (PR-200XLRK-FL) 1,637 cases in stock - Shop Now!

1000XL uL Filter Tips (229022) -24 (OUT OF STOCK, no 1000 uL XL in stock) cases in stock - Shop Now!


LTS™ Style Pipette Tips

20 uL LTS™ Style Filtered Tips Racked, Sterile (AF020R-9-NS-LB-B) 248 cases in stock - Shop Now!

200 uL LTS™ Style Filtered Racked Tips Sterile (1144-965-008-9) 2 cases in stock - Shop Now!

1000 uL LTS™ Style Filtered Tips Racked, Sterile (AF01MR-9-NS-LB-B) 103 cases in stock - Shop Now!

1200 uL LTS™ Style Filtered Racked Tips Sterile (1145-965-008-9) 62 cases in stock - Shop Now!

Serological Pipettes

5 mL Serological Pipette (4090-0005) 84 cases in stock - Shop Now!

25 mL Serological Pipette (GLB-SERO-25ML) 193 cases in stock - Shop Now!

Cell Culture Plastics

6 well TC Plates (TP92006) 232 cases in stock - Shop Now!

12 well TC Plates (TP92012) 125 cases in stock - Shop Now!

24 well TC Plates (TP92024) 115 cases in stock - Shop Now!

100 mm TC Dishes (TP93100) 685 cases in stock - Shop Now!

150 mm TC Dishes (TP93150) 259 cases in stock - Shop Now!

25cm2 Filtered TC Flasks (TP90026) 193 cases in stock - Shop Now!

75cm2 Filtered TC Flasks (TP90076) 445 cases in stock - Shop Now!

Conical Tubes

0.5 mL Sterile Centrifuge tubes Low Retention sterile (PR-MCT6-S) 53 cases in stock - Shop Now!

 0.5 mL Sterile Centrifuge tubes Rainbow (PR-MCT6-RB) 39 cases in stock - Shop Now!

1.5 mL Sterile Centrifuge tubes Large Cap (PR-MCT17) 150 cases in stock Shop Now!

2.0 mL Centrifuge tubes non-sterile Low Retention (PR-MCT2-LR) 34 cases in stock - Shop Now!

15 mL racked Centrifuge Tubes Racked (C15R) 109 cases in stock  - Shop Now!

50 mL racked Centrifuge Tubes Racked (C50R) 87 cases in stock - Shop Now!

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Hard-to-Find Products
Hard-to-Find Products
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