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Beads for Baths

Lab Armor Beads
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Dry, metallic beads that replace water in water baths, aluminum blocks in dry baths, or ice in ice buckets. Lab Armor® Beads are convenient, versatile, and can maintain hot or cold sample temperatures in just about any vessel type.

For the Water Bath

  • Not prone to microbial contamination like water
  • Eliminates the need for harmful agents such as azides
  • Bottles or tubes will not tip over and float
  • Eliminates the need for racks, floats, or bottleneck weights
  • No more emptying, cleaning, or refilling the water bath
  • Eliminates water evaporation and burnout worries
  • More energy efficient than water
  • Better temperature flexibility - can go hotter than boiling
  • Non-corrosive
  • A Cleaner, Greener Bath.......
  • Lab Armor® Beads FAQ's
  • What you should know.................

For the Ice Bucket

  • No more melted ice and floating tubes
  • No more long trips to the ice machine
  • Reduce contamination worries without water

For the Heating Block

  • Replace drilled out aluminum blocks
  • Convenience - no blocks to switch out for different sized tubes
  • Flexibility - incubate a bottle, tube, petri dish, or microplate in your heating block
  • Less costly - no need to purchase multiple blocks


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Lab Armor Beads
Beads for Baths
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