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Sterilmatic Steam Sterilizer

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Small on the outside, the Sterilmatic has as much inside capacity as many large, more costly conventional sterilizers and up to five times the capacity of smaller table top units. Two models are available, each with roomy 16 dia. x 26 in. D chamber.

Economical, reliable, and simple to operate, the versatile Sterilmatic provides the highest standards of sterilizing performance in hospitals, clinics, and laboratories around the world.

Large Capacity: The big Sterilmatic chamber holds three trays of 12" x 20" x 2.5" size, or two bedpans. Fits on a 24" counter, or may be ordered with a stand.

Versatile: For all requirements of safe and positive saturated steam sterilization: wrapped and unwrapped dressings, instruments, utensils, glassware, gloves, syringes, bedpans, discharge kits, and liquids. Exhaust speed dial with fast (1 minute for instruments and glassware) and slow (10 minutes for liquids) settings. 0 -to - 60-minute timer. Fixed-temperature model heats to 121 °C (250 °F). Variable-temperature model heats from 110 °C to 121 °C (230 °F to 250 °F).

Safe And Simplified Door Design: Self-sealing and self-aligning one-piece internal door can't be opened until steam pressure is completely exhausted. Cumbersome radial arm construction is eliminated. The door locks itself automatically and positively. All controls are front mounted. Sterilizer features a 0-207kPa (0 - 30psi) pressure gauge, temperature gauge, low water cut-off, safety valve, thermostatic steam trap, and signal light.

Easy To Operate: Fill reservoir with water, load, close door, select exhaust cycle, and set time. Sterilizing cycle begins automatically when unit reaches temperature and pressure. Signal light stays on during sterilizing cycle. Unit shuts off and exhausts steam automatically.

Faster Preheat: Sterilmatic reaches sterilizing temperature in 8-10 minutes from a cold start and in 3-7 minutes when in continued use. Conventional counter autoclaves take three times as long. Sterilmatic provides twice as many sterilizing cycles, increasing daily output substantially.

Optional Accessories

  • Stainless Steel Stand
  • Tray, Perforated Stainless Steel, 30.5W x 50.8L x 6.4D cm(12 x 20 x 2-1/2")
  • Tray, Perforated Stainless Steel, 30.5W x 50.8L x 10.2D cm(12 x 20 x 4")
  • Tray, Perforated Stainless Steel, 30.5W x 50.8L x 15.2D cm(12 x 20 x 6")
  • Basket, Perforated Stainless Steel, 30.5W x 50.8L x 6.4D cm(12 x 20 x 2-1/2")
  • Basket, Perforated Stainless Steel, 30.5W x 50.8L x 15.2D cm(12 x 20 x 6")
  • Recording Thermometer
  • Exhaust Condenser>
  • Recording Chart, 24-hour

Warranty: One Year On Parts, 90 Days On Labor

Overall Dimesnions: 48W x 79D x 74Hcm (18-3/4 x 31 x 29")

Chamber Dimensions: 66L x 41 dia. cm (26 x 16")

Chamber Capacity: 3 cu. ft.

Operating Pressures: 15 psi (1 ATM, 100 kPa)

Net Weight: 63 kg (140 lbs)

Required Connections: Drain, 13mm (1/2") FPT or 16mm (5/8") O.D.; copper steam exhaust connection, 10mm (3/8") IPS. For 208/240V 60Hz, 1 or 3 phase; 30 for 240V, 4-wire; 45 for 208V, single phase; 51 for 240V, 3-wire. Must be hardwired in the location of use. All models available for operation on single or three-phase, three or four wire system.

Meets UL and CSA codes. ASME approved.


5.7 Liters
SKU Number Vol Style Voltage Web Price Quantity Add to Cart
95-2678 3.0 cu ft Standard Steam Pressure 115
95-2903 3.0 cu ft Steam Pressure with Adjustable Temps 230Volts Exports
95-3441 3.0 cu ft Standard Steam Pressure Temp 230/250 Volt
Sterilmatic Model STME
Sterilmatic Steam Sterilizer
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