Autoclave Supplies


MIDSCI has a variety of products for use when autoclaving and cleaning products.  Check out F16260-0000. It is 8.5 L and can transport and hold items when autoclaving or even as an ice or water bath.  Its Outside Dimensions are 30.5 x 24.8 x 11.4 cm H (12 x 93/4 x 41/2" H).

H16260-0000 is 5 L and is  ideal for sterilizing instruments, bottles containing agar, deionized water, saline and other reagents, and for safely cleaning glassware in sinks
Outside Dimensions are 30.5L x 20.3W x 12.7cmH (12 x 8 x 5"). 

The Grab it silicone Mitt comfortably fits your hand and can withstand temperatures from -70 to 500°F (-57 to 260°C).  Its perfect for transporting items from the autoclave or microwave.
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Grabbit Temp Mitt
Autoclave Supplies
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