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Type 9 Quartz Cuvette UV,

light path=10mm
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Type 9 Quartz Cuvette UV,

Type 9UV

Standard semi-micro spectrophotometer cuvette with PTFE Cover.

Features of Precision Cells Type 9 Semi-Micro Spectrophotometer Cuvette:

    • Highly accurate results, only need to test sample one time
    • Accurate repeatability, Precison Cells cuvettes are made with only the highest quality quartz and glass materials
    • Hand made in Japan, ensuring the highest quality optical polish with no defects.
    • Every cell is thoroughly inspected before leaving the factory.
    • Precision Cells cuvettes are guaranteed to give you the best optical transmission.
    • Thermally to ensure the best bonding.
    • Four different materials available: (Optical Glass, UV Quartz, ES Quartz, IR (EDC) Quartz)
    • Lightpaths from 5 mm up to 50 mm available.
    • Two windows optically polished.
    • Base Thickness = 3 mm
    • Includes PTFE cover.


Type 9 Quartz Cuvette
Type 9 Quartz Cuvette UV,
Type 9 Quartz Cuvette UV,
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