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Reagent Resevoirs

Liquid handling during high throughput multi-channel pipetting requires a stable trough that can minimize liquid spillage while maximizing access to pipettor.

TThe MOST common concern with generic plastic containers is that the reservoirs are not multi-purpose in function and generate considerable plastic wastage.

MIDSCI solves both problems with a single product: The Reagent Reservoir.


Reagent Reservoirs from MIDSCI contain superior functionality and built-in accurate measurement grids to out-compete the poor quality troughs available in the market with innovative design features to reduce plastic waste, save storage space, and enhance performance.

The MIDSCI Reagent Reservoir system consists of a single reusable base and a sleeve of disposable, clear polystyrene inserts that fit within the rigid base. Because the skirt on the inserts has been eliminated, this significantly reduces the amount of plastic waste that is generated when using standard one-piece troughs that is entirely disposed off after a single use.

With bold, clearly visible volume graduations, MIDSCI Reagent Reservoirs eliminate over-pours and save valuable reagent during liquid handling and multichannel pipetting. To reduce storage and benchtop footprint, these reservoirs perfectly nest inside each other.

GO GREEN with MIDSCI’s Reagent Reservoirs!