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Rapidtips for PCR Purification

No bind-wash-elute, enzymes, or magnetic beads!

Diffinity™ technology in RapidTip1 effectively removes dNTPs, primers and primer-dimers from your PCR sample for downstream applications like Sanger Sequencing and TOPO cloning.

RapidTip2 additionally removes the DNA polymerases for standard cloning applications prior to restriction digestion enzymes.


You don't need to use any capital equipment, reagents or buffers, or enzymes - all you need is a pipettor.

The Diffinity RapidTip functional pipette tip contains everything you need for PCR purification. The tip is filled with our proprietary adsorption technology that has a differential affinity for PCR reaction components. Both RapidTip purifications provide 95% yield of DNA amplicons ranging in length from 100bp to 10Kb.

The impurities (primers, primer-dimers, dNTPs (RT1&2) & polymerase (RT2 only)) are removed from the solution as it enters the pipette tip. Dispensing the solution yields purified, high quality DNA ready to use in your next application.

PCR Amplicon Purification Applications:

RapidTip 1:

  • Prior to Sanger Sequencing and TOPO cloning (25ul)
  • Tip retains primers, primer-dimers & dNTPs

RapidTip 2:

  • Prior to Standard Cloning (50ul)
  • Tip retains primers, primer-dimers, dNTPs & Taq