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Low Profile Roller

Low Profile roller

The Stovall Low Profile Roller was designed by scientists as a compact, space saving, multi-purpose roller for cell culture and molecular biology applications.

It operates on benchtops, in high humidity and CO2 incubators, high temperatures ovens (up to 65°C) and in refrigerated units (up to 0°C).

The Stovall Low Profile Roller is in a class of its own and customer top rated by scientists.


With the compact Stovall Low Profile Roller, efficiently streamline your tissue culture and blotting protocols for reproducible experimental data. Here are some of the key features:


  • 2-38 rpm speed
  • 0-65 °C temperature
  • Light weight and Portable
  • Stacking platforms available


  • Grow suspension cells in culture
  • Hybridization of Southern/Northern Blots
  • Antibody probing/stripping of Western Blots


  • Easy to clean and sterilze
  • Chemically resistant rollers and parts


  • 4L Max liquid load
  • 15x14.25x2.37 in. Base
  • Rollers: 10 in. long, 1.12 in. wide

The Stovall Life Science Roller design, and simple operation promotes multitasking cell culture and molecular biology techniques on the benchtop, in the cold room or inside an incubator. We take the hassle out of choosing: Time Saving and Affordable technology is available to MIDSCI customers globally!

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