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PURELAB Flex 3 Laboratory Water Purification System

The PURELAB Flex 3 water purification system is uniquely designed around your laboratory’s specific water needs and applications ranging from high purity chemical analytics to daily molecular biology and cell culture.

The Flex 3 revolutionizes water purification starting from a tap water source and through reverse osmosis, ultra pure water is delivered with the click of a button and dispensed by a very ergonomic and unique handle.

The ease of programming is a customer favorite feature that makes the Flex 3 customizable from auto volume to locked volume dispense.

The Flex 3 completely avoids accidental overfilling of cylinders or carboys and consequent lab flooding and with its small benchtop footprint, every lab can afford their own Flex 3.

PURELAB Flex 3 -- Water purification made easy and Peace of mind included!

Flexible and ergonomic dispensing with the Flex 3:

  • Controlled dispense of ultra pure water - drop by drop, up to to 2L/min or <10L/day
  • Auto volume dispense from 50ml to 10 liters and repeat dispensing
  • Locked dispense for glassware filling
  • Handle is digital and designed around the modern day smart phones
  • Hands free dispense with optional foot pedal

Key features of the Flex 3 that will save time, money and exponentially increase water efficiency in your lab:

  • Tap to ultra pure water in one step
  • Absolute water purity of 18.2 MΩ–cm
  • Point of use filter (standard) and bio-filter (anti-microbial and anti-endotoxin) for removal of DNases, RNases, bacteria and endotoxins
  • Ergonomic and small benchtop footprint
  • Fool proof programmable dispense options
  • Intelligent Real Time TOC monitoring
  • Ideal for laboratories performing applications in molecular and microbiology, spectrophotometry and HPLC analytics, cell culture, etc

MIDSCI brings you the best in high quality and efficient water purification systems with the primary goal to save your lab time and money and accelerate the consistency of your life science experiments and the reproducibility of your data generation and publication. Call us for a quote today.