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Bench Top Shaker - The Belly Dancer

The Stovall Belly Dancer was designed by scientists for scientists.

The unique undulating motion of the Belly Dancer promotes consistent technique for gel staining, probing, destaining, blotting and hybridizations.

With stacking capabilities of staining trays, you will be able to multitask working with several gels or blots simultaneously.

The Belly Dancer is in a class of its own and customer top rated by scientists.

With the Belly Dancer, you can customize your staining and blotting techniques from gentle, continuous agitation to vigorous agitation. Here are some of the key features:


  • 0-100 rpm speed range
  • 0-8 degree angle pitch
  • Cold room compatible (0-42 °C)


  • Chemically resistant and inert platform
  • Stainless steel parts
  • Upto 20 lbs. of load
  • Whisper quiet operation

Benchtop Footprint

  • 12x12 in. Platform
  • 15x15 in. Base, 9 in. Height

The Belly Dancer is sensible in design, simple in operation, reliable in use and best of all affordable! We take the hassle out of choosing:

The Belly Dancer is the Perfect Benchtop Shaker for your staining and blotting needs.