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Centrifuge: Universal (Z306)

The Hermle Z306 Universal Centrifuge is ideal for academic, biotech and clinical laboratories.

The wide range of accessories offers convenience of use for research and clinical laboratories.

  • Max Speed: 13,500 rpm
  • Max RCF: 17,319 xg
  • Max Volume: 4x100ml
  • Running Time: 59 min. 50s/ 10 s increments; 99 h 59 min. 50s/2 min. increments
  • Warranty: 1-yr
  • Made in Germany

The Hermle Universal Z306 Centrifuge from Labnet exemplifies spinning requirements with broad applications for any laboratory. The multi-use swing out rotors hold a volume of 4 x 100 mL can be used with special adapters for tissue culture tubes and also for all common blood tubes. Ideally with its small benchtop footprint, the Z306 brings powerful centrifugation with an ergonomic display and user friendly controls.

MIDSCI brings you the best in benchtop centrifuges with the primary goal to save your lab time and money and accelerate the consistency of your life science experiments and the reproducibility of your data generation and publication. Call us for a quote today.