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TPP Hybrid Flasks

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Culture in Hybrid Flasks to save on time, reagents and money. TPP’s line of Peel off and Re-closable flasks brings the convertible culture ware technology to the every day tissue culture scientist.

Perform a high throughput selection of clones with the TPP Peel off flask or access the corners of a skin graft cultured in the TPP Re-closable flask.

TPP’s highest standards of plastics enables crisp microscopy applications even in the Hybrid line of flasks. You choose whether you need to image one time with the Peel offs or multiple times with the Reclosable.

  • Full Access -- 100% access through neck/top opening, 0% dead corners
  • Microscopy -- Impeccable clarity for imaging
  • 0.22um hydrophobic filter -- Avoids liquid contamination in cap
  • Stackable -- Vented base promotes even heat, temperature and CO2 distribution

TPP Hybrid Flasks are designed for exceptional performance and convenience for the scientist. Whether it be in academia or large scale biotechs, TPP always has a solution.

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