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Semi-Automated Benchtop Pipettor


Introducing the affordable BenchTop Pipettor for high-throughput liquid handling applications.

The groundbreaking design of the semi-automated liquid BenchTop Pipettor is perfect for customizing high throughput liquid aspirations, mixing and dispensions. Count on this workhorse to save you time and money and increase efficiency with reliable mixing.

This smart robot also provides the following benefits:

  • Highly precise, accurate and convenient
  • Portable and ease of use with a small bench footprint
  • Aspirates and dispenses liquid samples with the touch of a button
  • Calibration capabilities for different fluid viscosities
  • Height adjustment settings over plate or reservoir
  • Adjustable speeds for perfect mixing
  • 1-yr warranty


  • Grow suspension cells in culture
  • Hybridization of Southern/Northern Blots
  • Antibody probing/stripping of Western Blots


  • Easy to clean and sterilze
  • Chemically resistant rollers and parts


  • 4L Max liquid load
  • 15x14.25x2.37 in. Base
  • Rollers: 10 in. long, 1.12 in. wide

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