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Microcentrifuges: Prism™ (Air-Cooled) & Prism™ R (Refrigerated)


Prism™ & Prism™ R Microcentrifuges are quickly becoming the benchmark standards in the air cooled and refrigerated Microcentrifuges

  • Remarkably small footprints
  • Powerful brushless motors
  • Cooling capacity to spare
  • New user-friendly LCD control panel Provides intuitive control over all operating parameters
    • Speed
    • Time
    • Temperature

Prism™ (Air-Cooled) & Prism™ R (Refrigerated) microcentrifuges features:

  • Unique Multi-Flow Air Cooling Technology for Prism™
    • Maximize air flow to minimize rotor heating
  • Powerful Quick-Cool Refrigeration Technology for Prism™ R
    • RT to 4 °C in 8 minutes
  • Easy access rotor
    • 24 x 1.5mL microtubes
    • Max Speed:
      • Prism Ambient #C2500 (15,000 rpm / 21,200 xg)
      • Prism Refrigerated #C2500-R (13,500 rpm / 17,135 xg)
  • Quick acceleration and deceleration time
  • Optional StripSpin™ adapter for 0.2ml PCRtubes/strips
  • Exceptionally quiet and compact


The Prism™’s unique air-flow cooling and motor drive technologies permit efficient high speed microcentrifuge applications with minimal sample heating. The Prism™ R’s powerful refrigeration system maintains temperatures as low as -10°C and is designed to reach 4°C (from room temperature) in less than 8 minutes.


A momentary spin function is activated by pressing and holding the quick key and the speed can be set in rpm/rcf in 100 unit increments. Operation of the centrifuge can be timed, from 0.5 to 99 minutes, or continuous.


The brushless motor drive quickly and effortlessly accelerates the rotor to set speed. A computer designed isolation system ensures vibration free operation, even with a slight imbalance. The Prism R is also equipped with an imbalance detection system that automatically shuts down operation in the event of a significant imbalance. Deceleration at the end of a run is attained in less than 18 seconds, yet will not disrupt samples.


The unique design of the 24 x 1.5/2.0mL rotor allows easy access to the tops of sample tubes. Individual tube slots in the solid aluminum rotor support the tubes along their length and contain sample in the event of tube failure. An optional StripSpin adapter snaps on to the top of the rotor for spinning 0.2ml tubes and PCR strips. The rotor is seated on a tapered shaft, which facilitates easy removal of the rotor for cleaning and autoclaving.

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