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PCV tubes & Easy Read Ruler Cell Counting System

Premium Tissue Culture Plastics | TPP PCV tube | TPP Easy Read Ruler

Replace laborious and tedious counting with your hemacytometer and visual errors on distinguishing stained live vs dead cells.

Perfect your tissue culture cell counting system with the TPP Packed Cell Volume (PCV) and Easy Read Ruler system.

Perform a high throughput assembly line of counts within minutes. All you need is the PCV tubes, the ruler and a centrifuge and this counting system can be standardized in an efficient and accurate protocol.

The PCV tube enables a quick and reproducible cell counting method because with a quick centrifugation (1 min @ 2500g), only live cells pellet and using the capillaries on the tube or the Easy Read ruler enables an accurate cell mass measurement every time. That value can be assayed to represent a pre-determined cell number therefore ensuring the ease of counting.

  • No dilutions to obtain optimal counting density
  • No tedious manual hand counting
  • No straining over the microscope for extended periods of time
  • Accurate - larger, more statistically sound sample and cell aggregates do not affect accuracy
  • Multiple samples can be counted at once

TPP PCV tube cell counting system is designed for exceptional performance and accuracy to surpass tedious and error-prone manual hemacytometer cell counting of tissue culture cells.