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Liquid Nitrogen and Storage Tanks

MIDSCI brings you the series of Taylor-Wharton cryogenic refrigerators and dewars to meet your cryo-storage and transportation requirements, while being affordable as well as reliable.

The high-performance refrigerators incorporates durable, lightweight construction, maximum holding times for optimum capacities, while the dewars are designed for storing and dispensing small amounts of liquid nitrogen.

Here are some of the key features:

  • Application & Capacity specific
    • Dewars
    • Cryogenic Refrigerators
    • Shippers
  • Reliable & Secure storage options
  • High performance & Rugged construction
  • Easy operation

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Taylor-Wharton K Series Cryogenic Storage Systems

Liquid nitrogen storage w/controllable temperatures
(-100°C to -196°C)

3024-38350 1.2/2.0 ml vials

Taylor-Wharton LS Series Cryogenic Refrigerators

Aluminum Refrigerator: for large vial capacities up to 6000 vials in box type racks

750-6000 1.2/2.0 ml vials

Taylor-Wharton HC Series Cryogenic Refrigerators

Refrigerators: for large quantities of materials at cryogenic materials

570-1260 1.2/2.0 ml vials, or 2940-9900 1/2 cc.

Taylor-Wharton XT Series Cryogenic Refrigerators

Refrigerators: for long-term storage of materials at cryogenic temperatures

150-180 1.2/2.0 ml vials, or 750-1500 1/2 cc.

Taylor-Wharton LD Series Dewars

Dewars: for storing and dispensing small amounts of LN2

Storage capacity of 4-50L of LN2

Taylor-Wharton CX & CXR Series Dry Shippers

Environmental and Biological Shippers

85-500 1.2/2.0 ml vials, or 280-490 1/2 cc. straws

Whether you store vials of frozen cell stocks in dewars or cryogenic refrigerators or require transportation proof LN2 containers, MIDSCI brings you the highest quality and most reliable series of Taylor Wharton cryogenic storage systems in the market. We take the hassle out of choosing: Time Saving and Affordable technology is available to MIDSCI customers globally!