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Incubator - Digital

Digital temperature control on your bench is now at your fingertips!

Introducing the new cooling technology with the LabDoctor™ digital refrigerated-incubator. Also available in heat only.


No more having to use non-sterile, cold or warm walk in rooms to incubate short or long term!

The LabDoctor™ digital incubator can be used for a variety of applications ranging from static/shaking bacterial culture startups to refrigerated antibody staining for Elisas to western blots to tissue culture experiments that are temperature dependent such as heat shock or cold stress

  • Consistent Digital temperature incubation at your bench
    • No more analog and thermometer archaicy
    • NEW Cooling digital technology
    • Heat and Cool: Ambient-15°C to 60°C
  • Perfect for overnight refrigerated incubations
    • Use the New 15mL TPP TubeSpin Bioreactors
    • No more autoclaving glassware for microbial inoculations
    • No more sharing dirty rusted incubators




LabDoctor™ Digital Incubator, Heat only (Ambient+1 to 60°C) 20L, 100-240V


LabDoctor™ Digital Incubator, Heat+Cool (Ambient-15 to 60°C) 20L, 100-240V


Extra Shelf 10.5x8 in. for H2200-H or H2200-HC


Mini Nutating Rocker w/flat cord, 8x6in. Platform, 115V

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