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Autoradiography Film

Classic BX film for superior band resolution at an affordable price.

Classic BX film is carefully manufactured and selectively cut to always provide the end user the most
consistent product for applications based on identifying presence and intensity of bands.

X-ray film, used as the final step of all electrophoresis applications, is one of the most common reagents found in almost every laboratory across the nation.


This critical molecular biology tool, that has revolutionized both hospital clinical and academic life science laboratories such that testing can be immediately informative and reliable of results varying from identification of fractures to the presence of a protein band.

The main criteria for choosing an excellent multi-purpose autoradiography film are:

  • Double Emulsion -- increases substrate-film interaction
  • High sensitivity -- crisp resolution of faint bands
  • Low Background -- exceptional clarity for band separation
  • Lot to lot consistency -- reproducible film exposure and development
  • Packaged 100/box -- available in 5x7, 8x10 & 14x17 in.

MIDSCI’s Classic BX Film portfolio features the top criteria for excellence in nucleic acids and protein blotting applications.

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MIDSCI always strives to bring you the best and latest in laboratory reagents, consumables, tissue culture and equipment. We will do the searching for you to ensure your research is equipped with tools to promote reproducibility, efficiency and publication filled.