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CO2 Resistant Shaker

The new Orbi-Shaker CO2 resistant shaker is designed for shaking, mixing, and aeration applications in temperature controlled environments including CO2 incubators and humid chambers.


How will it aid my cell culture or microbial culture growth? Here is how:

  • Slow to vigorous shaking
    • Riddens archaic static cultures
    • Maximizes nutrient redistribution and gas exchange
  • SCO2 and humidity resistant shaker
    • Zero corrosion in 370C CO2 incubators
  • Remote controllable
    • Adjust settings without opening incubator door
  • Ideal to pair with TPP TubeSpin bioreactors
    • Shake suspension cell lines; eg. insect cells
    • Shake microbial cultures; eg. bacteria and yeast
  • Compatible with MAGic Clamp platform
    • Change flask clamps instantly

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