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Agarose - General and Green Choice

Agarose, used in nucleic acid electrophoresis for DNA and RNA band separation, isolation and purification is one of the most common reagents found in almost every laboratory across the nation.

The main criteria for choosing an excellent multi-purporse agarose product are:

  • High band resolution -- to separate bands of similar molecular weight
  • Low gel background -- to increase clarity of faint bands
  • Low EEO -- to sharpen and increase definition of smaller bands

MIDSCI’s Bullseye Agarose line provides the top criteria for excellence in nucleic acid electrophoresis applications.


MIDSCI offers two choices: the Premium General Purpose 2 (GP2) Agarose and the Environmentally Friendly Green Choice (GC) Agarose for superior band resolution at an affordable price. The GC Agarose is manufactured in a longer air-dryed process without the use of harmful toxic agents.

Bullseye Agarose GP2 and GC offer the following features:

  • General purpose electrophoresis and blotting
  • Highly refined and purified
  • Excellent separation, resolution, and clarity
  • Low absorption and reduced background
  • Low EEO / increased electrophoretic mobility
  • High hysteresis, improved thermal stability
Specs GP2 GC
EEO 0.05-0.13 0.05-0.13
Moisture ≤ 7% ≤ 7%
Sulfate ≤ 0.1% ≤ 0.20
Gel Strength @1.0% (g/cm2) ≥ 1000 ≥ 1200
Gel Strength @1.5% (g/cm2) ≥ 2500 ≥ 2200
Gelling Temperature @ 1.5% 36°C ± 1.5°C 36°C ± 1.5°C
Melting Temperature @ 1.5% 88°C ± 1.5°C 88°C ± 1.5°C

Choose the Bullseye Agarose that is perfect for you!

MIDSCI always strives to bring you the best and latest in laboratory reagents, consumables, tissue culture and equipment. We will do the searching for you to ensure your research is equipped with tools to promote reproducibility, efficiency and publication filled.